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Aessa GoldmaneEdit

The personal bodyguards of the Phoenix King are chosen from among the White Lions of Chrace: fierce warriors who share their name with the white furred predators which stalk that perilous realm. Every White Lion who enters battle does so outfitted in a mixture of finely wrought mail and pelts and bearing a Great Axe. These long handled weapons are family heirlooms that serve as a reminder of a time when the people of Chrace were peaceful woodsmen. It is a memory that few now share

Aessa Goldmane was born and raised within the wooded realm of Chrace after the Sundering. For her there is no golden memory, there is only the blood-soaked present. Enemies have arisen on all sides. Dark Elves, strengthened by alliance with the dark powers, drive hordes of Chaos warriors and fell beasts before them. And, for perhaps the first time, greenskin filth have sullied the shores of Ulthuan with their presence. It is not a time for mercy.

To Aessa, her duty is a sacred calling. Her weapon and even her life are coin willingly spent in service to those she has sworn to protect.

"This axe has served the Phoenix King for years beyond count." - Aessa Goldmane

Aessa the ProtectorEdit

The woodsmen of Chrace train for years in the hopes of being selected to become one of the Phoenix King's personal guard. However, they must first demonstrate their skill and bravery by tracking down a Whie Lion that roams the hills of their homelands and killing it with their bare hands. Those that emerge victorious wear the lion's pelt into battle as a symbol of their strength and courage.

Aessa had just completed her trial when she heard news of a Druchii attack on a small farming village located on the border of the Shadowlands. When she arrived, she found the village awash in blood and surrounded by her hated kin. A cry drew her attention to a small house on the outskirts of the village, where three of the Dark Elves had cornered a family.

She roared a challenge as she lept into battle, and her axe cleaved the first Druchii in half. The other two turned to face her, but their blows didn’t penetrate the hide of the lion she had just slain. She led the family out of the village, and then strode back in, leading the High Elven forces to victory as the Druchii were pushed back, her battlecry echoing after them as they fled.

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