Challenges are scenario specific objectives that reward you with an extra spin on the reward spinner for each challenge you complete.

The more challenges completed the more spins on the reward spinner.

All Scenarios -  v  d  e 
Name Description
Win a Scenario Your team wins a scenario
Participate in a Scenario You see a scenario through to the end
Queue for a Scenario in a Warband Finish a scenario after queueing in a Warband
Place in the top 3 Scores End up in the top 3 of the Scoreboard

Mourkain Temple -  v  d  e 
Name Description
10+ Captures Capture 10 or more flags
5+ Captures in a single life Capture 5 or more flags in a single life

Black Fire Pass -  v  d  e 
Name Description
3+ Captures Capture 3 or more runes
20+ Assists Assist players kill 20 or more enemies

The Arena -  v  d  e 
Name Description
6+ kills in a single life Kill 6 or more players without dying
20+ Kills Kill 20 or more enemies

Guide -  v  d  e 

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