Gromki Morgrimson
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"Knowledge is best kept to those that can understand it."









Gromki is currently unavailable in Open Beta

Gromki is a Dwarf Runepriest added in Game Version 0.12, he focuses on making enemies more vulnerable, applies potent long-duration debuffs and can end his own debuffs in exchange for damage spikes.

Gromki MorgrimsonEdit

Dwarfs as a race eschew magic in the belief that 'finger waggling' is nonsense; something best left to lesser, shorter lived races. The sons of Grungni therefore put their trust in magical runes. Runes, the knowledge of which, have been passed down from Runepriest to Runepriest since the days when the Ancestor Gods walked among them.

Known as the Master of the Forge and Lord of Runes, Grungni and his son Morgrim taught the secrets of Rune Lore to a select few Dwarf craftsmen so that the knowledge would not be lost. Thus it is that many Runepriests claim descent from Morgrim or Grungni himself in some fashion. It is a lineage that, however remote, Gromki Morgrimson has reason to be proud of.

White haired and bearing a braided beard of exceptional length, Gromki is ancient by even Dwarf standards. His centuries of study have enabled him to craft unique variants of established runes, and placed him at the forefront of a resource battle that could very well turn the alliance on its head. For though the knowledge he guards is integral to the continued survival of all children of Order, it is not knowledge that he is willing to share with just anyone.

Gromki StoutruneEdit

The vast knowledge of Gromki Stoutrune is legendary. So legendary in fact that that it has become a matter of grave concern that never in all his long years has Gromki chosen an apprentice. When pressed by contemporaries, Gromki will always bark out a brusque "Not yet." This response and the steely glare which follows usually proves more than enough to shame the offending party into silence.

The stubbornness of youth, however, is far more difficult to quench. Over the years an endless parade of stubborn shortbeards have presented themselves at his workshop. Most are turned away with a single dismissive glance. Thus far only Orek Morgisson received more than the momentary regard of the ancient Runelord. Indeed Gromki's ponderous six word dismissal was enough to win Orek an apprenticeship with the venerable Magnus Stonebeard and boasting rights enough to ensure his mug never runs dry.

Some have begun to whisper that Gromki does not intend to share his knowledge at all, content that his secrets die with him rather than remaining to strengthen his people once he joins the ancestors. It is a tale that Gromki is all too willing to encourage as it means less prospective apprentices showing up at his door.

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