The Lord of Change in all its splendor

Perks are a special kind of ability that can be slotted on a hero's mastery loadout and can be obtained via mastery trees and wooden chests.

Perks Can be slotted in any hero and you can slot up to 3 perks in a single hero. They appear just above the hero's abilities and are grayed out, with a yellow circle that gradually completes itself as the requirement to use the perk is met. Then the perk gets highlighted. By default the keys to use your slotted perks are F1, F2 and F3, but this can be changed in the 'settings'>'key bindings' section.

Perks have a requirement that needs to be met prior to their use, and this requirements vary depending on the perk, some require kill or assist streaks, others require you to deal X damage or heal your allies' X life in a single life. If you have met the requirement to a perk you will still be able to use it if you get killed, but once you use the perk the requirement meter resets.

Icon Name Effect Requirement Source
PerkAbsorbVitality Absorb Vitality Marks a spot on the ground for 4 seconds, repeatedly dealing 77 damage to enemies in the area and restoring 96 hit points to you for each target hit. Deal 8000 damage in one life Drulg, Albodi
ScreenShot025 Divine Shielding All groupmates in the scenario become shielded for up to 10 seconds, absorbing up to 1203 damage. Heal others for 5000 hit points in one life Amenadresh
FlingExplosives Fling Explosives Marks a spot on the ground. 2 seconds later, knocks down all enemies in the area for 3 seconds. Deal 5000 damage in one life Olwyn
icon 4 Fury of the Storm Sends a massive wall of sand out in front of you, knocking down everyone hit for 3 seconds. 8 kill streak Serkhet
PerkGlory Glory All groupmates in the scenario gain 100% crit chance with damaging abilities for 10 seconds. Heal others for 3000 hit points in one life Glowgob
icon 6 L'il Helper Call a slave giant for 22 seconds that repeatedly deals 231 area damage. 7 kill streak Durrig
PerkMagmastorm Magmastorm Marks a spot on the ground for 10 seconds, repeatedly dealing 154 damage in a large area. 10 kill streak Ilanya, Felicia
PerkMassiveSmash Massive Smash Marks a spot on the ground. A moment later, all enemies near that spot suffer 172 damage and are knocked away. 5 assist streak Nethys, Korith
Outrider Assault Outrider Assault Marks a spot on the ground for 1 second, repeatedly dealing 115 damage to all enemies in the area. 5 kill streak Rydion
PerkPowerUnbound Power Unbound Transform into a Lord of Change for 9 seconds. In this form you can deal massive area damage and cannot move. 25 assist streak Volrik
PerkScoutsEye Scout's Eye You will see enemies on your minimap for 20 seconds. 5 assist streak Skeetk
PerkTerribleTransformation Terrible Transformation Transform into a Rat Ogre until you die. In this form you have a powerful melee attack, can pull an enemy to you, and can knock an enemy down. 13 Kill Streak Ikkrik
UnholyWard60 Unholy Ward Marks a spot on the ground for 10 seconds, snaring enemies in the area. 4 Kill Streak Bax, Korelei, Archivist
PerkUnnaturalAgility Unnatural Agility Increases your dodge chance by 100% for 10 seconds, also affects all allies around you. 6 Kill Streak Aessa, Ikkrik, Zathis
Verdant apotheosis Verdant Apotheosis All groupmates in the scenario deal 300% more damage for 10 seconds. Heal others for 9,000 hit Points in one life Conrad
icon 15 WAAAAGH! For 10 seconds, you and nearby allies take extremely reduced damage and are immune to stagger, snare and root effects. 9 kill streak Ozgrot

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