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“The only victory can be found in death.”







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Thagison the DisgracedEdit

Thagison the Disgraced is all that remains of a once honorable clan. His is a shame so great that an entire hold broke beneath the weight of it. At the start of the War of Reckoning, the Dwarfs of Khazad Azril were entrusted with the task of seeing that Thagi Runebeard arrived safely at Everpeak. The ancient Runelord’s vast knowledge of Runesmithing was to have ensured the successful creation of Doomstriker weapons for the Oathbearer army. It was a plan that the far-seeing eye of Tchar’zanek could not allow to proceed uncontested.

The Runebeard clan awoke in the early hours of the new moon to discover that Chaos had descended upon their hold. Tentacled daemons and gibbering horrors brought forth from the realms of Chaos quickly subdued the few defenders. Within minutes the great doors stood open to a vast horde armed with axes, swords, and misshapen flesh. The bloodbath which ensued decimated the Runebeard clan and cemented Khazad Azril as a place of bad omen for all time.

Thagison’s (thus far) fruitless search for expiation in death has hardened the once hopeful Rune Priest into a grim axe master of unparalleled skill.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • “No retreat. No mercy. No escape.”


  • While his high Resistance makes Thagison a good choice against any magic user, it's his immunity to Snares and Knockbacks that makes him particularly strong against Felicia.
  • Be cautious with your use of Exhausting Strike. Since it removes your Rage, you'll be momentarily vulnerable to Snares and Knockbacks - strike quickly with another attack to regain Rage!
  • Careful management of your cooldowns can produce spectacular results, since all of Thagison's bonuses stack. Combining Grievous Harm and For Redemption! gives you a brief window of enormous damage.
  • Grievous Harm makes the victim vulnerable to all damage, not just damage from you. Talk to your team and make sure they know who to focus their attacks on!


  • Thagison the Disgraced - Symbol
  • Thagison the Disgraced - Body
  • Thagison the Disgraced - Wanted Poster

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