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  • You can choose your Hero when you start a scenario or whenever you die.
  • Make sure you choose your Hero before you hit Respawn.
  • Hit the Respawn button once it becomes active to rejoin the battle.
  • Certain Heroes are free every week. If you like a Hero, buy it in the store via Gems or Gold and be able to use them forever!
  • Like your Hero and want to show off how powerful you are? Buy a skin variant from the store!
  • Most Heroes have several skin variants that can be purchased on the store.
  • Completing a scenario will give you experience and gold for participating. Winners get the most though, so go out there and win!
  • Teamwork is important. Use chat to coordinate and stick together.
  • Experience earned in scenarios will level your account over time. This will unlock Mastery points to customize your Heroes.
  • Tactics and Alternate Abilities are ways to tailor Heroes to your liking.
  • Up to 3 Masteries may be slotted in each Hero's loadout.
  • The Hero selection screen in scenarios tells you if any Masteries are slotted.
  • Each Hero plays differently. Learn how their abilities work together to become a master.
  • Some Heroes have abilities that will stack or aid your group. Knowing how Heroes work together will make your team better.
  • Each Hero has five abilities on different cooldown timers. The more powerful abilities will have longer cooldowns.
  • Learn your cooldown cadence and you'll be setting up ability combos in no time.
  • More than one of the same Hero on your team? Coordinate your ability cooldowns for maximum effect and damage!
  • No developers were harmed in the making of this game. (Physically that is… mentally… well…)
  • You don't have to go into battle alone. Friend some players and group up ahead of time.
  • Dying a lot? Don't worry, even the most skilled pros die a lot.

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